Area of Parallelogram Calculator

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What is Area of parallelogram calculator?

Use this area of the parallel symbol calculator to find the area and circle of a rectangle by entering values in the input box.

A rectangle is considered to be a square where all its angles have right angles.
Opposing parties are parallel as well as harmonious.
Bids are shared.
The sketches are consistent.
A rectangle is really a plane defined with 4 straight attributes and 4 correct points, with unequal sides against the square. Each position of the rectangle is really a correct position (900). A rectangle can also be a parallelogram.


Also find the area and circle of the rectangle for this width 4 and height 5.

Step 1: Find the area.

Area = b×h = 5×5 = 25

Step 1: Find the perimeter.

Perimeter = 2(b) + 2(h) = 2(4) + 2(5) = 8 + 10 = 18