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What is Cyclone?

An ecosystem characterized by the rapid inward circulation of air masses around a low-pressure center, usually accompanied by stormy, often destructive weather. Cyclones rotate clockwise in the northern hemisphere and clockwise in the southern hemisphere. A cyclone is a hurricane with strong whistles and gusts of wind. It brings torrential rains.
A cyclone is a violent storm, often widespread, characterized by strong winds revolving around a calm center of low air pressure. The center moves forward, often at speeds of twenty or thirty miles per hour.

Vradial = [( particle - pair ) r w2d2] / ( 18 u )
vradial = Radial velocity of the cyclone
pparticle = Particle Density
par = air density
r = Radial Distance
w = Rotational speed
d = particle diameter
u = Viscosity of air

An barometrical framework characterized by the quick internal circulation of discuss masses around a center of moo weight, more often than not went with by stormy, regularly dangerous climate. Tornados circulate counterclockwise within the northern hemisphere and clockwise within the southern half of the globe. A tornado could be a storm went with by high-speed shrieking and crying winds. It brings heavy rain. A violent wind could be a savage storm, frequently of extraordinary expansion, characterized by solid winds that pivot around a calm center of moo climatic weight. This center moves forward, frequently at a speed of twenty or thirty miles per hour.

Calculate the radial velocity in a cyclone from the given details
Particle density (ppparticle) = 50 kilograms/meter3
Air density (pair) = 20 kilogram/meter3
Radial distance (r) = 15 meters
Rotation speed (w)= 50 radians/second
Particle diameter (d) = 25 meters
Viscosity of air (u) = 25 kilograms/meter-second

Apply formula: Vradial = [( ppparticle - even ) r w2 d2] / ( 18 u )
Radial velocity (vradial) = 1562500 meters/second