Gallons Per Hour Consumption

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What is Gallons Per Hour Consumption Calculation?

Fuel efficiency in automobiles refers to the relationship between the distance covered by an automobile and the amount of fuel consumed. The equivalent of gasoline per gallon of gasoline is based on the energy content of gasoline. The energy produced by burning one American gallon is 115,000 BTU. Thus one mile per gallon of gasoline equals 115,000 BTU per mile. For alternative fuels, the energy required to make the fuel can also be considered. For electric power, the energy and transmission efficiency of any fuel used to generate electricity must be considered.

To convert miles per gallon classification to other units of energy per unit distance, the value per gallon can be multiplied by one of the following factors to obtain other units:

In 1994, the US National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) introduced the Gasoline Gallon Equivalent (GGE) as a metric for fuel economy for natural gas vehicles. The NIST defines the equivalent of a gasoline gallon (GGE) as 5.660 pounds of natural gas, and the equivalent of a liter of gasoline (GLE) as 0.678 kilograms of natural gas.


When calculating requirements, be sure to consider the fuel for winds, confined areas, climbing time, and safety margins. Be sure to check the current NOAA aviation weather for departure, along with the flight plan and at the destination airport before departure. Free Online Mechanical Engineering Calculator.


Calculate fuel consumption per gallon per hour from the given details. Enter the fuel capacity in gallons for all tanks = 15. Enter the travel time in 25 hours. Insert the initial fuel in gallons in all tanks = 10. Insert gallons of fuel into all tanks = 5

Solution: Apply Formula:

Weight of aviation petrol per gallon (gw) = 6.00 Jet A weight per gallon (dw) = 6.85 Total Capacity (AvGas) Fuel Load Weight = (Fuel Weight) * (gw) GPH = Start Fuel and Fuel

Aviation Gasoline weight per gallon (gw) =6.00 Jet A weight per gallon (dw) =6.85