Potential Flight Time


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What is Potential Flight Time Calculator?

Probable flight time refers to the total time it takes for a flight from one destination to another. Calculate flight time capability with an advanced online potential flight time calculator.

This calculator is used to calculate the potential flight time for AvGas and Jet A.


Calculate possible flight times for given flight details.

Enter the fuel capacity in gallons for all tanks = 15.

Enter gallon per hour (GPH) consumption rating = 25.

Insert fuel into gallons in all tanks = 5


Apply the formula:

Weight of aviation petrol per gallon (gw) = 6.00

Jet A weight per gallon (dw) = 6.84

Total Capacity (AvGas) Fuel Load Weight = (Fuel Weight) * (gw) Calculated travel time = gallon / GPH

Calculated travel time = 0.20 hours

Your trip start fuel load = 10 gallons

Possibility of full fuel load = 0.40 hours

Trip Start Fuel (AvGas) Load Weight = 30.00 lbs

Trip Start Fuel (Jet A) Load Weight = 34.20 lbs