Rain Harvest


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What is Rain Harvest?

Rainwater harvesting is the process of collecting and storing rainwater for later productive use. Rainwater is rainwater that is collected from the roofs of buildings on residential property. Rainwater harvested water can be used for residential, irrigation, or both, in whole or in part for indoor needs.
Rainwater harvesting is a method of collecting, or collecting, and storing rainwater for small-scale irrigation and raising groundwater levels.

Rain Harvest = (RA * AF * 0.9)
AR - Roof Area
AF - Amount of rain
0.9 - Amount of total rainwater expected for the harvest.

Water collecting is the method of collecting and putting away rain for afterward profitable utilize. Harvested rainwater is water that's captured from the rooftops of buildings on private properties. The collected water can be utilized for indoor needs in a home, water system, or both, in entirety or in part. Rainwater gathering is the collection, or amassing and capacity, of rainwater for little irrigations and a way to extend groundwater levels.

Calculate the rain harvest.
Enter to Rooftop Area: 25 m2
Rain amount: 50mm

Apply formula:
Rain Harvest = (RA * AF * 0.9)
Rainfall harvest: 1125 liters